In the summer of 2007 a group of five theatre artists decided to make a parody of 1960's European Spy Cinema. They watched some obscure foreign films in the genre and decided they would have fun with that international style of low budget filmmaking. Dubbing was very popular back then. Lips hardly matched what was being said. Wacky characters and villains were in abundance. Bizarre situations and long tedious shots. Some of the films were just weird. We stole many moments and made them our own. We know many talented actors so we created a film that had many of our friends play these crazy characters and have them act badly on purpose. The comedy had to parody the pure awful style of these older films. Some of the films like Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow-Up had some really great moments and we had no problem stealing these bits and twisting them to our ends. Director - writer  Kiff Scholl and writer Bill Robens had worked together on many stage plays that parodied classic films like The Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno. Many of the actors in Bikini had been in these productions and understood the style. So why not bring that style of comedy to our own film? Bill and Kiff wrote a script and in the summer of 2007 we started filming the scenes whenever we could. Over the next two years we found pockets of time and slowly shot the film one chunk at a time.  Post Production was extremely fun because we decided to re-create the limitations those films had. We shot with sound but knew that we would never use any of it. The whole soundscape would be re-created in a studio. Footsteps, dialogue, wind and any possible sound would be recreated. We brought all the actors back in for dubbing sessions and purposefully had them dub it badly; perhaps with a different voice. We even created a fake back-story about the fictitious director and actors who made the 1960's film. Check out the cast page to read the fictitious bio's of the main players. This film is hand-made and done as cheaply as we possibly could make it. Our main criteria was that it had to be beautiful. Bill Newlin created a fun score to go with it and in the summer of 2009 we screened it at various festivals and at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theatre in Los Angles. We know this is not for everyone -  but for the cinema lovers who will get what we were going for - it will be lots of fun.

directed by

Kiff Scholl


written by

Bill Robens & Kiff Scholl


executive producer

Kelsey Wedeen


produced by

Darrett Sanders

Kelsey Wedeen

Kiff Scholl

Rebecca Larsen

Bill Robens


director of photography

Darrett Sanders


edited by

Darrett Sanders


music by

Bill Newlin


costumes by

Kelsey Wedeen & Rebecca Larsen



all of us



a combination of stealing, favors, rented










Kelsey Wedeen as

Jasmine Orosco / Bridget


Rebecca Larsen as

Paola Apanapal / Sophia


Darrett Sanders as

Gregorio Peck / Humbert


Kimberly Atkinson as

Maria Fahrenkamp / Sandy - Eva


Bryan Krasner as

Alessandro “PePe” Beaumont / Chair Man


Brad Light

Dead Man


Ezra Buzzington

Cult Leader


Randolph Mantooth

Ambasador Cartwright


Jennifer Ann Evans

Cult Priestess




check out the IMDB site for the full cast list