Jasmine Orozco was born in 1948 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to upper-class German immigrants. She began modeling at an early age, appearing on the cover of Vanidades at age 11. After being featured in a popular advertisement for dish soap, Jasmine spent her teenage years as Margarita Zorilla’s seductress daughter in the Alfredo Modovar trilogy La Vida de Hambre. And after appearing in a provocative blouse in Las Aventuras del Capitán Agreasso, she was offered numerous leading roles in films like Las Chicas Inocentes, Millonario por una Hora, and Intriga en La Paz. Ms. Orozco married seven times, including twice to esteemed filmmaker, Fernando Fernandez. Their second and final marriage occured immediately after completing Asesinas en Vespa [Scream of the Bikini], her first English speaking film. Ms. Orozco currently resides in Roskile, Denmark, and is believed to be the last person to see Fernandez alive.

Paola Apanapal was born in 1947 in Lima, Peru to celebrity couple Paolo and Angélica  Apanapal. Ms. Apanapal began in the theater, starring in La Esposa Es Fuerte and Bodas De Sangre, but at age eight, quickly moved to television, where she flourished for eleven years as the troubled daughter on the long-running telenovela “El Señor De Santiago”. Other films include “No Soy Una Puta”, “Diamantes De Amor”, “Bese Mi Hombro”, and  “Soy Realmente Una Puta” before her first English language film, Scream of the Bikini. After winning the Best Actress Palma De Oro in both 1974 and 1975 Ms. Apanapal made only two more films and eventually retired from acting in 1983. In 1984  she moved to Berlin with her second husband, Uruguayan oil barron, Carlos Arango, where they live to this day with their thirteen children.

Gregorio Peck was born Gregorio Garcia Enrique Gonzales in 1931, on a small farm outside Córdoba, Argentina. After his mother died in a tragic yarn accident, he was raised by his father, a tobacco and cognac farmer. He spent nine years in El Guapo De La Charca-a cliff-side Chilean monastery, caring for foundling colts and burros. He was discovered at the age of 32, barrel-fishing  for carp, and skyrocketed to Argentinian fame, with appearances on countless Argentinian telenovelas, including “Rosas y Amor Sangriento”, “Soy Simplemente su Hombre,” and “El Prisionero.” He has also been the national spokesperson for Cubano Cigars, Tres Hermanos suit jackets, and La Madre goat’s milk. After completing another 143 films and a remarkable 141 Palme De Oro nominations, Peck retired to Hong Kong where he spent his remaining years collecting cork-based art and combating under-age prostitution.

Maria Fahrenkamp was born in Germany in 1947, to a German father and Brazilian mother. They moved to Rio De Janiero in 1955 to take care of her ailing grandfather where she was discovered by Eduarda Models founder, Filmena Eduarda and given a lucrative modeling career. At age eleven, she was the toast of Milan, leading to a massive billboard campaign promoting Mimo Fish Sticks across Japan. At age 14 she was married off to a Japanese helium magnate, but was left widowed six months later, after a violent dirigible explosion. She returned to Rio on her fifteenth birthday to modeling acclaim, representing countless products, including women’s shoes and various fake seafood products. Asesinas en Vespa [Scream of the Bikini] was her first and only film. She currently resides in the mountains of Chile, maintaining an abandoned koi farm.

Alessandro “PePe” Beaumont  is perhaps best known as El Payaso Perezoso, the host of the long-running South American children’s program, The Lazy Clown. Born in Columbia in 1939 to television producer parents, Alessandro premiered as one of the youngest of the kids on El Club del Rico Ratón, and has been in the limelight ever since. With fifty television programs to his name, and nearly one hundred films, Beaumont is ironically still best known as “PePe”, child-star of the long-running commercial series for PePe Bueno white bread.  Until his death at age 78, strangers would approach him with slices of white bread, which he would stuff in his mouth, shrug and say “¡Pero PePe tiene tanta hambre!” Alessandro came out of retirement to make Asesinas en Vespa, which momentarily revitalized his commercial career, spawning a short-lived comeback for the now grown-up, bread-craving scamp.

Fernando Fernandez (alternate names include Fernando Hernandez, Adolf Laverne, Pablo Villa, Frarick Hollmann, Jaime Franco, Floria Fernandez, Jesús Fernandez, Guillermo Robertos, Miranda Zacharia and Clifford School) Fernandez is believed to have been born in 1938 in Munich, Germany and has over 183 Spanish and German films to his credit, including Küß Mich Damen, Casa Para Espías, Maria Muerte, and Asesinas en Vespa. Fernandez married nine times, including twice to Scream of the Bikini actress Jasmine Orozco, with whom he lived until he vanished while mountain climbing in the Andes. Many believe his disappearance to be fraud, claiming that he is still alive and making films under various new pseudonyms.