-Duane L. Martin, ROGUE CINEMA

Scream of the Bikini is a 1960s action-spy-thriller by

acclaimed South American director, Fernando Fernandez.


Jasmine Orosco and Paola Apanapal - in their English language film debuts




Bridget and Sophia: gorgeous super models by day, brutal bounty hunters by night.  Murder, intrigue and pillow fights await our beautiful leading ladies at every turn, as they match wits and martial arts with a coterie of madmen and women bent on world domination.  Filmed somewhere in South America in 1966, and poorly translated and dubbed by Germans, this unintentionally funny James Bond meets Barbarella love child plumbs the seedy depths of the international fashion model/psycho-killer underworld with a boldness that only a gun to the head can provide.

"The Game is a foot."

"So saith the Chair Man. It is a funny movie. But it is a very Subtle Humor. It is as if Fellini created The Super Model - Austin Powers - Ed Wood - Manchurian Candidate

"Awesome Awful"

"This movie is really bad. So bad, in fact, that it is awesome. However, unlike classic fails like Plan 9 from Outer Space, this movie is clearly intentionally awful. The set design and the cinematography are really quite excellent. The acting is atrocious, but clearly intentionally so."

"Rare gem- takes the "B" to a whole new level! It's over the top! It's a regular adventure!"

"This is a parody that is well worth the watch, and I will watch this one again. Some people won't "get it", but I believe this one will turn into a cult classic, if it isn't already. Loved the credit card-sized microchip, loved the cameo by Walter Koenig, just a fun movie. This is an over-the-top parody done right, and done well!"